5″ Spring Loaded Automatic Center Punch Tool


Use this 5 Inch Spring Loaded Automatic Center Punch Tool to prevent drills and screws from wandering in metal, wood, or plastic, and mark a dimpled starting point.

It delivers an automatic spring-driven strike when it’s pressed against a surface. An adjustable cap allows you to regulate the striking force. The premium brass body has a deeply knurled nonslip surface for sure handling and control.

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Spring Loaded Automatic Center Punch Tool

A Handy Tool for Metal and Wood Working

Mark or punch holes automatically in metal and wood sheets using this Automatic Center Punch Tool. The powerful spring action will strike a hole on the materials one pressed. The heat treated steel alloy point and chrome plated tip assures a clean punch. For these simple metal and wood materials, you won’t need to use bulky drills and nor spend a little electricity.

  • Precision & Safe – Precision centered tips for accuracy, knurled grip for secure holding.
  • High Quality – Made of specially selected steel., expert quality, heavy-duty spring-loaded hardened steel point. Gives precise starting point on steel and other solid materials.
  • Adjustable Striking Force – Spring pressure can be adjusted by simply rotating the knurled top of the punch.
  • Easy to Use – Automatically strikes surface with a powerful spring action when pressed. Allows you to easily mark work using one hand prior to drilling which will prevent the drill from slipping. Automatic spring loads then releases at top of cycle with force to create center punch (No Hammer Needed).
  • Quickly – High grade steel tip and hardened point for instant marking.
  • Applications – The range includes items for all of your professional and home improvement needs, including power tools, socket and spanner sets, saws and woodworking tools, storage items and protective gear, and engineering tools.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

2.1 ounces


0.5 inch


5 inch


Knurled steel body + Alloy steel point


Wood Drilling




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