Quick-A-Tack Picture & Mirror Hanging

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Quick-A-Tack Picture & Mirror Hanging Tool Allows you to hang your photos and pictures without the worry of damaging your walls. Great for inside and outside and is quick and effective. Wont damage the walls and great for that DIY Around the house.

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The fast, easy way to mount wall decor

Usually, nails, a hammer or a nail gun were used to hang decor and install shelves at wood or dry walls. But those tools seem to do more damage to the walls even after accomplishing the task. Quick-A-Tack doesn’t cause those damages. Simply load the pegs into the peg cartridge and punch them through your wood or drywall.

The pegs stay secure because they’ve been punched though on a slanted downward angle. Hang wall clocks, paintings, large tapestries, your framed diplomas, tools, shelves for other decor and trophies, anything!

Quick-A-Tack Picture Mirror Hanging

How does the Quick A Tack work?

With a spring loaded system you can send the peg into the wall at an angle that allows a picture/frame to be placed onto it.It comes with a built in spirit level so you can Load level and press.Easy!

Package Included:

  • 1 x Quick A Tack
  • 36 x Tacks
  • 8 x Caps
  • 6 x Hooks

quick-a-tack package included

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Plastic, Aluminium


Picture Hangers


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