Smarty PaintPro™ Revolutionized Paint Roller


Smarty PaintPro Paint Roller is a fast & spotless paint roller. It’s very speedy and makes your painting task easy, perfect, and clean. If you are done with re-dipping your paint roller a hundred times before you end painting your room's walls, here is the fastest painting roller tool you were waiting for.

  • Less cost – no costly tarps or tapes.
  • Save time – say goodbye to prepping or climbing ladders!
  • No more strain! – less stress and pain of bending over to reach the paint.
  • No dipping, no dripping and no mess – holds much more paint (1L) than regular rollers.
  • High density felt cloth, fully absorb the paint, apply the paint evenly.
  • Get perfect results and masters both corners and molding.
  • Washable (for water-based paint only) – for easy clean up.

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Painting made easy with this Smarty PaintPro™ Revolutionized Paint Roller!

Smarty PaintPro Revolutionized Paint Roller guarantees you more freedom and flexibility. If it was too hard to reach some areas like stairs, hallways, ceilings, now this paint roller is able to extend and make the job easier. With a smooth and flat surface, the paint roller controls the paint flow and ensures you a very clean painting job. This tool will help you not wasting any paint.

Do your painting quickly and with no major spots on your floor and furniture. You can use it for either outdoors or indoors. The new painting tool ideally paints any material or surface. Whether you are looking for painting entire rooms or just making a retouch.

Smarty PaintPro Paint Roller is easily cleaned by just rinsing under water. With its small shape, it will take up just half the space of a typical paint roller. The paint roller system holds 1 liter of paint that is made easy and quick to fill thanks to the paint jug that is offered with this product.

How to Use Smarty PaintPro

How to Use Smarty PaintPro Paint Roller

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be up and running in no time!

  1. Remove cap and fill with paint.
  2. Roll on unwanted newspaper for 2-3 minutes until the paint spreads evenly over the roller (for the first time only).
  3. You can now paint without dipping or dripping.
    Place in a standing position when not in use.
    If doing a ceiling it is recommended to only half load the brush.
  4. Pour unused paint back into the tin when finished.

The best way to clean Fill and Roll:
To clean, wash the Fill and Roll under running water or soak overnight in tap water.

Package included:

  • 1 x Paint Roller Brush
  • 1 x Transparent Cup
  • 3 x Handle Rods (Aluminum tubes)

Additional information


Smarty PaintPro

Paint Roller

7.5in x 7.9in (diameter – 3.6in)

Handle Rods


Transparent Cup

3.1in x 5.9in


Plastic, Aluminum


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