Rotorazer Circular Saw

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Rotorazer the all-in-one saw that does it all! Rotorazer™ is so innovative and versatile, you can use it for construction, remodeling, and for all your craft projects. With Rotorazer™, everyone cuts like a pro!

It’s designed with a 400-watt motor inside a construction-grade chassis that’s durable, incredibly light and fits easily in the palm of any size hand. This high powered hand saw cuts with over 3400 RPMs, making it the most versatile, durable, lightweight and portable saw ever made!

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  • 7 Different Saws In 1 – Jigsaw, Circular, Hand, Band, Tile, Hacksaw, and Miter Saw.
  • Portable, Lightweight & Powerful.
  • Makes Precision Cuts In Seconds.
  • Has a 400-watt motor inside a construction-grade chasse and it is incredibly light.
  • Comes with 3 quick-change razor sharp cutting blades and its own amazing Dust Extraction System for clean, mess-free cuts!
  • Great for DIY projects & makes a great gift.

Rotorazer™ is both easy and safe to use, with a thumb-controlled power switch, and a safety switch that keeps the blade guard locked until you’re ready to cut. It comes with three quick-change, razor-sharp cutting blades (diamond, tungsten, and steel) to cut shallow, medium, or deep, thanks to its adjustable blade guard. With the Rotorazer you can completely control the depth of the blade.

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Cord length

6.75 ft

Hose length

5.3 ft


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