LED Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool


This Telescopic magnetic pickup tool incorporates a strong neodymium magnet at the tip which has been real world tested to hold ferrous metal up to 15 lbs. Telescopic Extension adjusts from 7.5 inches to over 30 inches.

  • Retrive Lost Items – Easily find and grab small pieces in every nook and cranny!
  • Long Telescopic Handle – Helps to grab objects in far to reach places. Retrieves nuts, bolts, screws.
  • Compact, Yet Strong – Only 10 in. long while collapsed, and it has 8 LBS of lifting capacity!
  • Illuminate Dark Areas – Super bright LED light illuminates dark tight places, cracks, and crevices.

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This brilliant tool helps you finding metal nuts, bolts, screws and othe metal pieces.

It helps you more functional to those inaccessible to hands and eyes. It has a magnetic pick-up strength of 15 lbs. and a stainless steel body, proving an incredible range of applications, in addition to durability. It has a magnetic head, LED light, and non-slip handle.

LED Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Customers have reported to use this LED Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool on a variety of task. From picking up dropped bolts in their engine bay, to finding that lost screw under your stove, to reaching every nook and cranny under copy machine.

Make your life a lot easier when doing home repairs or working on your cars or DIY projects. This Magnus Pick-Up Tool for Nuts and Bolts is your answer! With its magnetic feature, no need to keep trying to pick up with your fingers those tiny nuts and bolts that sometimes slip and roll to Neverland, with you ending up with missing nuts and bolts.

Additional information

Weight 0.08 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 in
Compact Length

7.36 inch

Extended Length

31.88 inch

Head diameter

0.7 inch




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