Car dent Puller


The Paintless Dent Puller Kit suction cup dent puller is made of high-quality ABS material and high-strength rubber.

The dent puller is not easy to deform, and the soft rubber pad won’t scratch your car’s original paint.

Quickly repair the dents and leave the vehicle as smooth as before.

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    • GREAT FOR DENT PULLING: The car dent puller suction cup is great for pulling dents from metal and plastic auto bodies. These dent pullers in this car dent repair kit allow you to lift items up to 10 lbs. Work on small and large dings or dents. Always confirm that the suction is firm on the item before lifting. Cold environments may affect the suction ability.

    • REUSE FOR A VARIETY OF APPLICATIONS: While this heavy-duty suction cup dent puller is designed to be used as a paintless dent remover tool, it is also ideal for moving flat objects in any home garage or body shop. Compatible with plate and windscreen glass, sheet metal, and plastic paneling, this paintless dent removal kit allows you to lift and move delicate slabs of heavy materials while putting less strain on your body.

  • STRONG LIFTING CAPACITY: The 6 cm mini suction dent lifter car dent remover tool is designed to get into tight spaces and work with more minor dents. Use the dent puller kit car dent repair device to lift materials up to 5 kg.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR VEHICLE: Constructed of heavy-duty rubber and ABS plastic, this car dent puller suction cup car dent fixer is designed to lift and pull various materials gently to avoid scratching them material. Made with durable, odorless, extra-strength rubber, these dent repair tools provide a tight seal to most flat, non-porous surfaces with a single stroke.
  • EASY TO USE: Prior to use, clean the area and wet the car suction cup tool to improve contact. Place the black suction cup on a flat section of the item and press the lever handle together to create a vacuum that will lock the suction cup to the material. To remove the suction cup, move the locking levers to their original position.

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