Quick-A-Tack Picture Mirror Hanging

Why Use Quick-A-Tack to Hanging Picture

You find hanging photos and pictures are real headache, and hammers nails adhesive hooks, and tools can ruin your walls, It’s such a pain.

Quick-A-Tack Picture Mirror Hanging
Well that’s all in the past. Introducing Quick-A-Tack Picture Hanging Tool – The revolutionary tool for inserting picture tacks that allow you to hang photos and large or small objects on almost any type of wall in a matter of seconds. Insert the tacks into the device, press it against the wall and hang. Too easy hang a photo gallery in no time, or renovate a room in a matter of minutes.

The secret: Quick-A-Tack inserts the specially designed tacks at an angle to help prevent them falling out. You’ll be able to hang some heavy objects with complete peace of mind. Show off your certificates at the office, or decorate the kid’s bedroom in a snap.

Use it on plaster or wooden walls inside or outside, It’s perfect for your apartment and will help minimize potential damage to your walls. Place the cap over the tack and add the hole, Change the hooks for hanging larger pictures using string effortlessly and quickly.

Quick-A-Tack includes a spirit level and a useful measuring guide, and it recharges automatically, So you can hang humorous photos in the blink of an eye. Use the accessory for removing the picture text without damaging the wall, Hanging a shelf or a rug is a breeze, organized tools or hang up that heavy wall clock.

The secret: Quick-A-Tack inserts the tacks at an angle to help prevent them falling out, whether you want to hang a single photo or cover an entire wall, Quick-A-Tack does it all. Plus you can also buy this handy refill set with an additional 32 pieces. so why are you waiting when you could be renovating by this amazing tool right now.

Quick-A-Tack Picture Mirror Hanging

Universal Hand Saw Red

How to Use Magic Hand Saw

Here is the user manual of Universal Magic Hand Saw by WAYPRO, This article show you how to use the Magic Hand Saw, The structure of Magic Saw and the application of each saw blade.

■ Application of Each Blade

Application of each blade
  • Steel Saw Blade: For General & Wood, Plastic, Rubber, Bamboo, Rope, Soft Metal, Stainless Steel, etc.
  • Flat Saw Blade: For Large Three Plywood, Wood & PVC.
  • Diamond Saw Blade: For Tile, Ceramic, Stone, etc.
  • Diamond Grind Blade: Sharpening for Knife, Scissors, Glass, etc.
  • Tile Drill Tip: For Tile, Glass, etc.
  • Screw: Big Flat Saw Blade Screws.

■ Application of Flat-saw blade

Application of Flat saw blade

■ How to Use the Drill?

  1. Loosen the nut and remove the coping saw blade.
  2. Remove the stainless steel frame from the handgrip.
  3. Install the drill tip on the port.

How to Use the Drill

■ Description of Magic Hand Saw

Description Magic Hand Saw

Universal Hand Saw is a light compact hand-saw that lets you cut almost any material in both straight-line or and in curved-line. It’s an Essential for all toolboxes.

■ Cutting Straight or Cutting into Shape?

  1. Cutting Straight – Installation to the bottom groove
  2. Cutting Straight

  3. Cutting into Shape, Curve or Cicle
    • Left-handed – Installation to the right-side groove
    • Right-handed – Installation to the left-side groove
    • Cutting into Shape Curve Cicle

■ How to Install Steel Saw Blade

  1. A blade should be assembled as above direction for pulling-way cutting, and vice versa for pushing-way cutting.
    (Caution: If the blade is assemble in a different direction from user’s intention, it may not work effectively.)
  2. Tighten the nut as much as possible to make the blade in firm condition. Place the roller onto the non-metal floor and tighten the nut with pressing the handgrip.
    (Caution: Loosen the nut after using the magic saw to protect the blade.)
  3. Gripping magic saw handle. See the photo on the right.

How to Install Steel Saw Blade

■ How to install Flat Saw Blade

  1. Loosen the nut and remove the coping saw blade.
  2. Remove the stainless steel frame from the handgrip.
  3. How to install Flat Saw Blade

  4. Insert the blade into the handgrip with pressing the spring pin of the flat saw.
  5. Removal: Pull the flat saw out of the handgrip with pushing the spring pin.
  6. How to install Flat Saw Blade

■ Glass or Tile Cutting Procedure

  1. Maintain the magic saw 45°from the cutting meterial, and drag the tungsten roller blade firmly from one end to the other end of the material surface to create a cutting line.
  2. Place a nail or electric wire under the material to be matched with cutting line.
    Press the material with both gloved hands to snap it.
  3. Snap the material with inserting it to the plier according to its gap size.

Glass or Tile Cutting Procedure